HERO Management System (HMS)

Partner: Media Excel
Centralised network management solution.

Remote management system for complete visibility and control over all IPTV, MobileTV and VoD transcoding services. Designed to cooperate closely with all HERO transcoding products to deliver 24/7 availability and superior QoS for both live- and file-based transcoding services. HMS is fully customisable and can accommodate simultaneously different failover policies allowing operators, systems integrators and content owners to deploy services organically with minimum operational cost.



  • Single or multi-screen field-operation content encoding maximise resource use and flexibility: One encoder appliance can be remotely configured for Live or VoD, for IPTV or OTT, etc., workflows
  • Wide standards support: TCP/IP, HTTP, XML, REST, SNMP. Integrated network monitoring support with any SNMP monitoring tool (Dataminer, Openview, Tivoli, etc)
  • Reliable and efficient: Fully redundant, auto-failover, remotely configurable 1RU appliance, user-defined failover groups and triggers
  • Intuitive web-based user interface: Fast service deployment and pain-free maintenance
  • Secure: LDAP-based user authentication, multi-level user permissions, auditing, backup and restore of system configuration
  • Cost effective: Low total cost of ownership
  • Flexible: Manages and controls on-demand transcoding operations, support for single or multiple appliances; delivering multiple simultaneous streams

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