Broadcast contribution involves delivering live streams from the field back to your studio over IP networks. While IP network technology has been around a while, the explosion of available bandwidth means you can now capitalise on its benefits, whether over fibre, satellite or cellular links. 

As broadcasters and event producers, to remain competitive you must be fearless and creative in how you create and deliver content. At Zest Technologies, we’re here to help by providing you with the highest quality, most flexible and resilient broadcast contribution and syndication solutions.

At the heart of your broadcast contribution network is the contribution encoder in the field that compresses and transmits pure video and audio via different codecs – typically HEVC or h264 – over IP to a receiving contribution decoder. HEVC gives you better video compression for far less bandwidth and is used in UHD/4K and HD transmissions.

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Other considerations

At Zest, we’ll find the solution perfect for you, and will help you to consider:

  • Choice of codec / bitrate / resolution
  • Low delay / latency requirements
  • Stream protection from packet loss; SRT / RIST / Zixi
  • IP Gateway for protocol conversion and stream routing
  • Seamless failover between redundant paths
  • Encryption for content protection
  • Portable vs rack-mount kit

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