Outside Broadcast (OB) involves taking studio equipment beyond your indoor studio and setting it up in a remote location. It’s a brilliant way for you to add more atmosphere, context, and an edge-of-your-seat viewer experience to a live event. And you can live broadcast from anywhere —a ship launch, a concert in a muddy field, the top of a mountain — the opportunities are endless. 

The Zest team are the industry’s leading providers of broadcast video encoders and decoders and we are ready with the OB solution that perfectly matches your needs. We know how to get you the best quality and most-appropriate equipment to meet your budget.

An OB truck is your mobile broadcast studio, complete with cameras, vision control, sound and vision mixing. While these vehicles have traditionally relied on satellite uplinks, you can now also choose fibre or cellular links, or even a hybrid. Each uplink type supports a unique purpose with unique benefits. For example, for a major sporting event, such as the Olympics, an OB truck can provide fixed fibre links from the athletics stadium, satellite transmission to cover downhill skiing, and cellular links to follow the crowd’s favourite marathon runner, with each contributing towards a great viewing experience.

Typical workflow

Outside Broadcast and Newsgathering
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Other considerations

At Zest, we’ll find the solution perfect for you, and will help you to consider:

  • Flyaway portable production units (lightweight, low power)
  • Choice of codec / bitrate / resolution
  • Low delay / latency requirements
  • Stream protection from packet loss; SRT / RIST / Zixi
  • IP Gateway for protocol conversion and stream routing
  • Seamless failover between redundant paths
  • Encryption for content protection
  • Portable vs rack-mount kit

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