Zest Technologies is built on a solid foundation of video technology expertise and a strong reputation for dependable, quality service. We partner with only the leading providers of video technology solutions, bringing their best-in-class products and services to world-class organisations in the UK and around the world.

Zest Technologies grew out of Garland Partners Limited, which was co-founded in 2004 by Zest Technologies Managing Director, Lorna Garrett and Malcolm Harland. Garland expanded rapidly as its reputation for providing the best digital video solutions and service grew amongst many of the UK’s largest organisations. After 16 years, Garland’s success led to its acquisition, in February 2021, by LiveU, the leader in cellular bonded solutions. LiveU acquired Garland in order to further build upon Garland’s success in developing the UK cellular-bonded market for LiveU. Zest Technologies was formed to continue to provide professional video contribution solutions and service offerings from Garland’s other world-class partners, including NTT Electronics, Haivision, Vitec, Intinor, Media Excel, Artel, and WISI. 

Through Zest Technologies, we continue to support our long-established and new customers with their video contribution needs. We remain an open, honest and solution-driven organisation that sets a requirement to continually meet the highest standard of service. Your trust in us is vital, and we strive only to earn it and keep it.

Meet our Founder

Lorna Garrett - Managing Director and Founder

Lorna Garrett
Managing Director and Founder

Lorna is a graduate of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), with a 2:1 degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics. After working with Marconi Underwater Weapons as a design engineer on torpedo test equipment, Lorna left the pure design side to move into technical sales. She spent 10 years at Hitachi managing the company’s key microprocessor semiconductor accounts. 

In 2004, she co-founded Garland Partners Limited — the forerunner to Zest Technologies —with fellow Hitachi colleague Malcolm Harland. As a video technology provider, Garland operated predominantly in the broadcast, sport, event and media sectors, providing solutions for delivering live video from the field to studio (contribution/acquisition) and from the studio out to viewers (distribution).   Garland expanded rapidly as its reputation for providing the best digital video solutions and service grew amongst many of the UK’s largest organisations. 

Following Garland’s successful acquisition by LiveU, Lorna formed Zest Technologies Limited to continue to support the market with best-of-breed broadcast solutions and offer continuity of service.

“The formation of Zest Technologies was the culmination of years of working with the best solution providers around and helping some of the biggest players in the market solve their video contribution needs,” says Lorna. “Establishing Zest Technologies has allowed us to continue to focus our expertise and innovative offerings to enthusiastically meet the needs of our customers. From a personal perspective, it has allowed me to continue to grow by facing and resolving new challenges, and by providing me with the opportunity to work more closely with my customers and partners.”

An avid road cyclist, Lorna brings her mantra to “go the extra mile” to all she does. It is this mantra and Lorna’s positive and energetic spirit that form the basis for Zest Technologies’ culture… and even its name!

Meet our Team

Osman Sen-Chadun
Technical Support Consultant

If you don’t already know Osman (“Oz”), then you’ll be glad for the introduction! An Electronics for Broadcasting Engineering graduate from the University of Brighton, Oz brings expansive work experience, project leadership and technical know-how to Zest. He delivers exceptional technical support and assists in developing and advancing our business strategy with Managing Director, Lorna.

Lorna quickly gained respect for Oz when she met him about 10 years ago whilst he was Head of Technical Development overseeing Arqiva’s Hybrid TV team. It was apparent he brings to his work exacting standards based on best practice, an innovative nature, and a strong solution-oriented focus.

Whilst his working life began in the banking sector, his hobby as a pirate radio operator and engineer developing and building FM radio transmitter systems helped him determine his true calling was in broadcast technologies. This ultimately led him a career in radio and television broadcast engineering.

Oz later transitioned to satellite broadcasting, becoming an expert in digital TV compression and Internet streaming technologies. In turn, he eventually developed early generation live video delivery solutions to mobile devices — before this was even a thing! He continued developing cutting-edge technologies and platforms and solutions for nearly 18 years for some of the worlds’ biggest broadcasters.

Oz contributes his expertise to his community, too. During the pandemic, he established Outreach Radio, a not-for-profit (legal!) DAB radio station to support his local region. Also, under the pseudonym “DJ Oz, The Wizard,” he presents the Island Vibrations Show twice a week.

And yes, before you ask, the Zest office moves to the rhythms of reggae quite frequently!

Leigh Boyd-Livingston
Administration Manager

After several years working with MPs, Dames and Lords and the upper echelons of academia, Leigh adds more than a touch of class to the Zest team. She also brings rigour, calm and an ability to get things done no matter what obstacles one may try to put in her way — key requirements whether you’re working in central government or providing the ultimate in admin support to our team and our valued Zest partners and customers.

These are also qualities Leigh put to great use during her five years as a property developer. Her proudest moment came when she took her first Victorian house (“Should have been knocked down really!”) and after giving it a wonderful new lease of life, handed the keys over to very excited and appreciative new owners.

Leigh’s goal throughout her career and what she is doing now at Zest is ensuring she is always delivering the best available practices in admin procedures. To attain this goal, she maintains an ongoing commitment to learning and is a strong believer that it’s a strength to be able to ask for help when needed.

What you may find surprising to discover about Leigh is that she started out as a tailor, having completed a degree at the London College of Fashion. It’s probably why she believes the adage: “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”, or as Leigh more succinctly puts it: “Buy cheap, buy twice.”

Angela Smith
Communications Consultant

Jane Mancini
Design Consultant

Bethany Garrett
Summer Intern