Tangram – OVERVIEW

Partner: WISI
Use the power of this high density DVB Headend platform

The WISI Tangram platform can be used in a central or distributed headend architecture and provides the following processing functions in a central location: DVB-IP gateway for DVB-S/S2/S2X/ -C / -T / -T2, descrambling, remultiplexing, scrambling, PSI/SI processing and modulation.

In a decentralised architecture with regional hubs, the modulation is done in the hub site and the aggregated digital TV streams are transported via an IP network and are terminated in Edge-QAMs, -COFDMs, -PALs and -FMs for remodulation and transmission in HFC (hybrid fiber-coaxial) networks.

The TANGRAM platform is in a small footprint 1 RU chassis and highly customisable. It can be equipped with 6 + 1 modules. The six rear-loaded modules have different functionalities and can perform all necessary signal processing functions.

  • Small footprint in 1RU chassis
  • Hot swappable fan tray
  • Fully redundant concept (1+1, n+1)
  • Optional scrambling and multiplexing function
  • Redundant power supplies ensure operational capability
  • Each module can be equipped in every slot

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Case Studies

We provide solutions that meet your unique requirements. Click on the image to read the full case study showing WISI’s Tangram in action: High density, modular satellite downlink & ASI to IP solution.