T-9261 Encoder

Partner: VITEC
Lightweight, portable H264 encoder provides you with a feature-rich solution

Ideally designed for broadcast and professional encoding, T9261-EB provides versatile Direct-to-Web / OTT streaming over both public and private networks. T9261-EB is available either as a portable appliance perfectly suited for field use, or as a 1-slot openGear card for easy integration within production studios and broadcast facilities.

T9261-EB’s unique one-to-many routing support redefines the streaming standards of a compact value encoder. Once encoded, each payload can be concurrently routed to multiple destinations, mixing any of the streaming protocols supported by the T9261-EB compression platform. With the rare ability to encode two streams from a single SDI input, streams can be encoded in High Definition and Standard Definition (NTSC/PAL) at both low and high bit rates. Each independent encoder configuration allows unique frame size, frame rate, video and audio codec plus ancillary data configuration. IP stream protocol support encompasses multicast or unicast UDP/RTP, RTMP, TCP, HLS, SRT, Zixi Feeder, FASP and file.

One 3G HD-SDI input delivers uncompressed 1080P/1080i/720P, NTSC or PAL video and embedded audio to the encoders. Video CODEC support includes 1080P AVC (H264) and 1080i MPEG 2.


  • SDI or HDMI input – HD/SD
  • H264 encode up to 1080p60. MPEG2 – 1080i – 420
  • Protocol support for UDP/RTP, RTMP, TCP, HLS
  • One input – two encoded outputs
  • Can go to up to 5 x destinations per output (10 in total)
  • SRT and Zixi support for stream protection
  • Max bitrate 15Mbps
  • 4 x pairs of Audio

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