MGW Ace OG Decoder

Partner: VITEC

MGW Ace Decoder is a professional-grade, high-performance IP decoder supporting bandwidth-efficient HEVC/H.265 and H.264/AVC compression standards.

The decoder provides 4:2:2 10-bit HEVC and H.264 decoding from IP or DVB-ASI as well as genlock support. Ready for 4K with its 12G-SDI and HDMI outputs, the decoder is capable of supporting your contribution application where density and reliability matter.

MGW Ace Decoder is available either as a portable appliance featuring a robust enclosure perfectly suited for field use, or as an openGear card for easy integration within production studios and broadcast facilities (up to 10 decoders can be hosted in the openGear chassis). Both product versions provide best-in-class video quality over a rich and industry-standard audio/video connectivity.


  • HEVC and H.264 low-latency decoding of HD/SD IP feeds
  • Broadcast-quality decoding up to 4:2:2, 10 bits
  • Reliable, low-latency stream delivery with built-in Zixi, SRT and ProMPEG stream protection
  • Rich, industry-standard video and audio output interfaces to match any setup
  • Time-synchronised playback across several decoders
  • Closed captioning, DVB-ASI and Genlock support
  • Audio talkback/IFB for easy communication between teams
  • Professional portable 4K HEVC & H.264 decoder
  • Compact portable design with 19” 1RU rack mount kit option
  • Available as a compact portable appliance or as an openGear car

Zest Technologies - datasheet download
Zest Technologies - datasheet download

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