iCue Grid

Partner: Teracue

ICUE GRID is a decentralised, IP-based video wall solution for the variable display of video streams. ICUE GRID enables the online control of live and on-demand content in practically any image resolution.

The ICUE GRID video wall uses pure IP video data and distributed processing, meaning that its architecture is limitless. There is also practically no limit to the window size, resolution, positioning, and number of streams displayed.

Simply select the appropriate video source and drag & drop it into the ICUE GRID layout. Layout templates can be stored to allow you to switch flexibly from one layout to another. Adding a new video in any position couldn’t be easier. Ideal for control rooms, simulators, points of sale, sporting & other events, presentations, corporate communications, training, banking, broadcasting and countless other applications.

  • Unlimited number of monitors, resolution, and video windows
  • No complicated video & audio cabling, just one CAT-5 network cable per display
  • No central AV router required – the network acts as the switching centre and takes over the signal distribution
  • Unlimited displays in different spaces
  • Uses standard IP streams. e.g.: DVB /IPTV and IP cameras
  • High-quality text, logo, and ticker function
  • H.264 and MPEG-2 formats via multicast and unicast
  • Supports NewTek’s NDI™ protocol (Network Device Interface) for low-latency input
  • Drag & drop from SD, HD and 4K sources in multiple, synchronised players in any size and combination
  • Display of live and on-demand videos
  • Standard configuration and creative video wall layouts
  • Decentralised processing without single point of failure
  • Browser-based management
  • Compatible with all Teracue IPTV streams
  • Green IT – energy efficient and environmentally friendly

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