HERO Event

Partner: Media Excel
Multi-screen live events encoder.

Media Excel’s HERO Event Encoder (HERO EE) is a low-latency, multi-channel, multi-format, multi-screen remote on-location encoding solution for broadcast of all your most important events, regardless of the venue. It’s simple setup and comprehensive workflow deliver the live signal from the camera or switchboard to your local and global viewing audience — on any device, any platform, anywhere — enhancing your production value (video quality and service reliability), without breaking the budget.



  • 2 HD SDI channels per 1RU
  • HLS, RTMP/RTMPS (Push/Pull), Smooth, MPEG-DASH
  • LCD and web-based user interfaces
  • Compact/portable form factor, with redundant PSUs
  • Streaming and recording options
  • Fully validated with online video platforms, CDNs, social media, ad platforms and media servers
  • Applications: sports, concerts, corporate events, houses of worship, medical, education/training, regional contribution, content aggregation, social media delivery

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