Haivision StreamHub

Partner: Haivision
Advanced receiver and distribution platform.

Haivision StreamHub is a powerful broadcast-grade receiver that decodes and distributes live video streams coming from any Haivision/Aviwest mobile transmitter or third-party platform.

With support for SDI, NDI and SRT outputs, it can interface with on-prem and cloud-based live production platforms. StreamHub comes with a flexible choice of configurations, letting you address any type of workflow, from simple deployments to systems requiring high-density HD and 4K video processing.

  • Mobile video receiver and decoder: Can receive up to 16 concurrent incoming SST streams from remote Haivision mobile encoders and transmitters or third-party sources, and supports a rich set of IP protocols including RTMP, RTSP/RTP, SRT, NDI, HLS, and TS/IP. Up to 8 live video streams can be simultaneously decoded to 8 SDI outputs with genlock for multi-camera synchronization. StreamHub also features video transcoding capabilities for adapting incoming feeds to desired output formats.
  • IP distribution: Supports multiple streaming protocols. including SST, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP/RTP, HLS, TS/IP, SRT, and NDI so thatvideo content can be easily distributed over IP networks for all types of destinations. Up to 32 outputs are supported, included duplicate streams,for sharing live content over LANs, WANs, CDNs, cloud platforms, social networks, and to other StreamHub receivers.
  • Video recording and file-based transcoding: Combines video recording functions with a file-based video transcoder that enables media professionals to adapt content formats and resolutions for each destination.
  • Story-centric workflows a metadata: Can be used to manually or automatically manage projects and metadata for smooth integration with news production workflows. Using the highly intuitive user interface, broadcasters and media producers can quickly and easily identify recorded content and live sources.
  • IP data bridge: Provides direct access to the Internet from a field unit. Optimised for remote production workflows, it also allows for remote control of IP based devices, such as PTZ cameras.

  • IFB and video returns: Includes a two-way IFB or audio intercom that enables broadcasters to communicate in real-time with up to 16 remote field unit operators. StreamHub can also manage video returns for providing remote operators with studio feeds, confidence monitoring, and teleprompters.

  • Multi-viewer monitoring: The grid view includes preview thumbnails of video sources that can be assigned to a multi-viewer output displaying up to 16 video sources on a single monitor. Broadcast professionals can define audio sources, output standards, and add information overlays for each source.


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