Haivision Pro

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The most reliable 4K/UHD and multi-HD mobile transmitter.

Haivision Pro is a range of  mobile IP video solutions  and transmitters designed for newsgathering, sports broadcasting, and live event production. It combines pristine 4K/UHD and multi-camera HD video production with reliable 4G and 5G transmission from anywhere around the world.

In addition to video and audio transmission, the Pro offers advanced features to facilitate live production, including low-latency video returns, full duplex intercom with the studio, and IP DataBridge for remote control of cameras, tally light system, or any other IP device.

Reduce latency, use less data, and maximise reliability with Haivision Pro.​

  • Premium live video up to 4K UHD: The Haivision Pro460 offers the highest-quality video performance and the latest generation of HEVC encoding technology for pristine HD and UHD video transmission over mobile networks including 5G. Built on the two-time award-winning SST
    cellular bonding technology, the Pro460 can transmit live video with bitrates up to 80Mbps for high-quality broadcast contribution.
  • Multi-camera remote production: Bring your remote production and REMI workflows to the next level with four frame-synced HD feeds and simultaneous remote control of IP-based equipment including PTZ cameras. Thanks to high bandwidth and low-latency video transmission over 4G and 5G networks supported by its 6 internal modems and antennas, the Pro460 enables multi-camera remote production from anywhere.
  • IFB and video return: Ensure two-way audio communication between the producer, camera operator & on-air talent thanks to a seamless and robust intercom system. The Pro460 can also receive a high-quality HD feed from the production studio during a live broadcast or in
    standby mode. With sub-second latency streaming, Pro460 return feeds can be used for watching on-air programs, teleprompting information or confidence monitoring from the field.
  • Record and progressive forward: Record UHD/HD broadcast-grade quality video on an SD card, and optimize your file forwarding time by with progressive uploads while the live recording is still in progress. The Pro460’s advanced recording and file forwarding enables fast and error-free video delivery over any mobile or IP network.

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