Direkt Receiver

Partner: Intinor
The Direkt Receiver accepts video streams over different protocols, and outputs as SDI.

The Direkt Receiver lets you receive MPEG Streams via the Internet and other IP networks and transform them into video and audio. It is easy to configure from the keypad and the web interface, and is robustly constructed with few moving parts. ISS, Intinor’s system for statistics and supervision is also included in Direkt receiver, which simplifies troubleshooting.



  • Supervision and alarms: IP streams that enter a Direkt receiver can be supervised and troubleshooted via ISS – Intinor’s system for statistics and supervision
  • Error correction: receiver can receive IP streams with error correction (BIFROST™, FEC or TCP with buffering)
  • Adaptive bitrate: automatically handles variable bitrate on incoming IP-streams
  • Network de-bonding: receivers receive and assemble video transmitted over multiple IP-streams
  • Access control: you can control access to input streams on each respective input
  • SDI output: a standard Direkt receiver has two SDI outputs. One is enabled by default
  • Format: Direkt receiver is delivered in a format that can be installed in a 19” rack with all connectors on the rear side. Power supply is built in, and 100-240v AC is fed using an ordinary power cord

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