Direkt Link Rack

Partner: Intinor
Send high-quality video over the Internet and other IP networks.

Direkt link is used for high-quality live broadcast over the Internet and other IP networks. The Direkt link is easy to use, robust and supports many different transport protocols. Video from a camera or video mixer is connected to the Direkt link. Compressed video streams are broadcasted to one or more receivers. You can adjust the configuration using the display and keypad on the encoder, from a local web-interface or via ISS. The Direkt link can also record a broadcast to be used for on-demand-video or file-based productions.



  • Multiple outputs/destinations
  • Constant bitrate in pre-configured encoding modes
  • Adaptive encoding parameters for automatic handling of the capacity of Internet connection
  • Network bonding uses several Internet connections for higher capacity and redundancy
  • Scales input signal to encoding resolution of choice
  • Easy to configure via display and keypad
  • Can be controlled via web interface over network
  • Create profiles for multiple destinations
  • Peak Programme Meter for calibration of sound level
  • Record to files by connecting a USB storage
  • Download recorded files from web interface
  • ISS for statistics, supervision and troubleshooting
  • Backup and upgrade via web interface or ISS
  • Send to a number of different types of receivers
  • Create your own encoding settings
  • Test picture can be encoded and customized
  • Management via IP2 (secondary network interface)
  • IPMI
  • Bifrost™ Reliable Transport
  • Stream synchronisation (NTP)

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