BBright Monitoring Solution

Partner: BBright
Universal multi-channel monitoring decoder and analyser.

BBright Monitoring solution is a universal multi-channel monitoring decoder and analyser designed for HD/full-HD and ultra-HD video, audio and metadata monitoring. With support for 2110, SDI, ASI, SRT and TS-over-IP inputs, the BBright Monitoring solution can be deployed in broadcast centres and master control rooms, but can also be used for remote production and remote monitoring of contribution flows. Available as an appliance, VM or with seamless integration into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem.

  • Multiple input configuration (TS-over-IP, SRT, ASI, SDI or 2110)
  • 8 x HD or 2 x UHD inputs
  • 2022-7 seamless redundancy (TS & 2110)
  • ASI: 8 x ASI ports
  • FEC/SMPTE 2022-1
  • ETR 290 Level 1 (TS)
  • Ancillary data (SDI and 2110)/metadata
  • Audio and HDR metadata
  • Dolby DD/DD+/DD+JOC/E/ED2/AC4
  • HD and UHD support
  • 4 monitoring display modes
  • Appliance or VM or deployment in AWS
  • Perfect for: audio and metadata compliance check, remote audio and video preview, QC and troubleshooting, advanced audio lab verification.

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