New name. New look. Continued commitment.

Published On: 1 March 2021

On behalf of our team of expert partners — the leaders in video contribution solutions — I am excited to welcome you to the launch of Zest Technologies!

We have transformed out of the former Garland Partners Limited. Under the new company, Zest Technologies will continue to support you by working closely with our committed partners in the UK broadcast contribution market. LiveU UK (Garland) will continue to separately successfully develop the cellular-bonded market in the UK.

We’ve brought to Zest Technologies the same renowned commitment to providing the best solutions and support that you expect. At the same time, this new move is allowing us to focus even more closely on aligning our innovations, resources, and delivery to the requirements that matter most to you.

Why change now?

With Garland a respected and successful industry leader, you may be wondering why we chose now to launch Zest Technologies. It feels the perfect time to stop and consider the best way to continue to stay at the forefront of innovation. This is essential in ensuring we help you remain competitive and help you to adapt to the ever-changing environment in which you operate.

I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately and how it is something to be embraced. It provides an opportunity to be reflective and plant the seeds for the future. But it also gives us a chance to see what shouldn’t change: what has worked and what we should seek to maintain. The long-standing, highly praised reputation was earned by the entire Garland team due to their dedication, commitment and expertise, and is one they will continue to maintain. That same reputation is the springboard for our development at Zest Technologies.

How we’re staying ahead

We’ve developed Zest Technologies so that our solutions will always align with your needs and objectives. We’re focusing our future growth on ways to improve performance, be agile and adaptive, and improve the value of our solutions to you.

This focus will result in getting you the most-needed products quickly to solve your broadcast challenges and requirements. It also allows us to improve on our communications by enhancing our availability and direct connection to our strong team of partner experts.

Internally, change is also benefitting Zest in other ways. It is bringing a sense of renewed excitement and motivation as we see new opportunities to work with you in the markets we support. It is invigorating, energising… in short, we bring to all our work for you a renewed sense of Zest!

Lorna Garrett
Managing Director and Founder
Zest Technologies