Discover: NTT Electronics

Published On: 9 March 2021

Zest Technologies Partner - NTT ElectronicsNo matter where you go around the world, chances are if you’re involved in the broadcast of a major event, you will find NTT Electronics’ products playing a part behind the scene.

Whether covering a premium sports event, a major live concert or breaking news event, Tier 1 broadcasters, service providers and telcos trust NTT Electronics to help them contribute and distribute live content up to 4K/UHD.

Established in Japan in 1982, NTT Electronics now employs more than 500 people, and has additional offices in Italy, in New Jersey and California in the United States, and in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China.

For years, Zest Technologies’ top-tier broadcast customers have used NTT’s ultra-reliable, broadcast-grade and feature-rich encoders and decoders. Within these solutions is NTT’s own state-of-the-art NARA LSI chipset. NARA — an abbreviation of Next-generation Encoder Architecture for Real-time HEVC Application — is a UHD 4K/60p HEVC real-time encoder LSI that was the first in world to comply with the Main 4:2:2 10 profile. The result is the delivery of pristine video using HEVC in 422 10bit, with full support for HDR, BISS-CA encryption and stream protection.

NTT Electronics’ HC32000/11000 families of encoders and decoders are an optimal solution when you are looking to deliver premium sports content, including the Olympics, World Cup, and other world-class sporting events. They ensure you get high image quality, high performance, and reliability at the lowest latency and lowest power consumption.

HC32000 is NTT’s first multi-channel UHD/4K platform, with two UHD/4K channels or four HD (HEVC) channels in the encoder. Because it is built as two boards, you gain needed flexibility. For example, you could run a 4K channel (one board) alongside two HD channels (second board), with enhanced audio support up to 64 channels in the encoder and 32 channels in the decoder. In addition, both are available either full or half rack 1RU size.

NTT’s HC11000 family of UHD/4K HEVC encoders and decoders are behind most of the UK UHD/4K football coverage. HC11000 is the single channel version (one UHD/4K or one HD (HEVC) ch), and is full rack 1RU size with dual redundant power supplies. HC10000 is also a single-channel version, but half rack size and with a single power supply.

Both the HC32000/11000 product families support 1-Frame encoding/decoding delay for ultra-low delay delivery requirements, such as Remote Production/REMI workflows between multiple sites.